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Born in East Orange, New Jersey, Andrew Burroughs always anticipated a trip to the movies. Now he is making them. He’s a working-class filmmaker devoted to providing ground-level opportunities for people to enter the film industry as the art more and more becomes global and participatory.

Growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey, his interest in filmmaking piqued in high school. So he majored in Communications with a concentration in film production at William Paterson University in Wayne. He received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in film production. During his tenure at William Paterson University, Andrew fine-tuned his craft by shooting numerous short films.

His 30-minute short, STATUS, has been screened at over 15 film festivals nationwide. “It was the experience with STATUS that really allowed me to learn the game—how it was played, and how you win,” he says. “STATUS allowed me to meet many filmmakers doing important work across the nation, and to be inspired by watching so many others strive to master our craft.”

During that time, he became a winner of Kodak's "I Got It Made Sweepstakes." The prize was the company's donation of brand-new film stock to Andrew's latest project, ALGENY. The new film, his first feature, is also the first produced by Green Glass Films, a full-fledged film production company he founded in 2004.